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About Us

The Winchester Clark-County Chamber of Commerce office is located in beautiful downtown Winchester, Kentucky. Our members, however, are from all around Central Kentucky. They are businesses, organizations, and individuals who want to connect to each other and to the community of Clark County. Our member-driven programming aims to improve all aspects of community. We've been at it since 1940, and with your help we can continue to do more.

Active Members

Our Values

Free Enterprise
Long Term Vision
Initiatives and Action
Networking Opportunities

What We Do

Our Mission

The Winchester-Clark County Chamber of Commerce serves as an advocate for our members to promote and enhance our community through business, social, cultural and educational programs.

We are proud to work with our members to accomplish our mission through goal setting. Our staff, board, and members actively participate in the creation of events and services that improve Clark County. The Chamber's goal is to bring people together to not only highlight Winchester's businesses, but also work together in improving the greater community.

Recent Accomplishments

Who We Are

The Winchester-Clark County Chamber of Commerce is a 501c(6) non-profit. Our Board of Directors comprises of a mix of business, governmental, educational and non-profit leaders from across Winchester and Clark County.

Chamber Staff

Cindy Banks, Director of Winchester Clark County Chamber of Commerce
Cindy Banks

Executive Director

Cindy builds bridges, includes everyone, and encourages people to work together. Her role is to oversee the Chamber's daily tasks and coordinate the committees. But really, she is the person you need to talk to. Cindy will connect you to the person that can fulfill your need. You'll just have to find her first! Find her at a Chamber of event or making connections with folks all around town.

Winchester-Clark County Chamber of Commerce Executive Assistant Erika O'Brien
Erika O'Brien

Executive Assistant

Erika is the Executive Assistant to three (3!) departments: Winchester-Clark County Chamber of Commerce, Winchester-Clark County Tourism Commission, and Winchester-Clark County Industrial Development Authority. She manages inquiries for all three while maintaining a smile at her desk at 2 N. Maple St.

Board of Directors

Executive Officers

Lauren Frazer, Board President

Amy Turner, Immediate Past President

Greg Yates, VP of Business Education & Sustainability

Debbie Hohman, VP of Member Services

Maggie Tincher, VP of Health and Wellness

Gardner Wagers, VP of Commerce Advocacy

Greg Yates, Treasurer

Retiring in December 2019

Gardner Wagers (R1)

Tammy Moberly (1)

Janna Smith (1)

Bruce Manley (2)

Darryl Terry (2)

Sarah Alexander (R)

Retiring in December 2020

Sherry Hampton (1)

Raymond Smith (2)

Kevin Vincent (1)

Debbie Hohman (2)

Maggie Tincher (2)

Greg Wood (2)

Retiring in December 2021

Lauren Frazer (2)

John Hendricks (1)

Amy Turner (2)

Betty Glasscock (1)

Tim Smith (2)

Greg Yates (1)

Ex-Officio Directors

Rachel Alexander – Main Street Winchester

Matt Belcher – City Manager

Chris Pace - Clark County Judge

Ed Burtner – Mayor of City of Winchester

Paul Christy / Christy Bush – Superintendent Clark County Schools

Todd Denham – Executive Director of Winchester-Clark County Industrial Authority

Mike Flynn – General Manager Winchester Municipal Utilities

Nancy Turner – Executive Director of Winchester Tourism Commission

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